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Does he expect antthing in return that is beneficial and material?


 Please refer to the posting on vivekachUdAmani verse 35:

ahetukadayaasindhurbandhuraanamataaM sataam.h

The Guru is the ocean of compassion that asks for no
reason. He is a friend to the pure who makes obeisance to him.
The Guru`s compassion is unmotivated by anything else than the urge
to destroy the affliction of another. To show that the Guru`s compassion
is not of the kind where the compassion is borne out of a need to erase a
sense of pain felt on seeing another in distress, Sri Sankara uses the
 " ahetuka " - that for which there is no reason.


Pörnam adah` pörnam idam pörnaat pörnam udach`yaté |
Pörnasya pörnam ädaya pörnam éva avasish`yatè ||

The Absolute[adah] remains Perfect [poornam]as before, while the derivatives are
also Perfect [idam, poornam,]. Even though a Perfect is derived from the
original Whole, Perfect[poornasya, poornam, aadaya], the Original Perfect remain
Whole and Perfect.[poornam, eva, avasishyate.]

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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