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brahmaanandarasaanubhuutikalitaiH puutaiH sushiitairyutaiH
yushhmadvaakkalashojjhitaiH shrutisukhairvaakyaamR^itaiH sechaya .
sa.ntaptaM bhavataapadaavadahanajvaalaabhirenaM prabho
dhanyaaste bhavadiikshaNakshaNagateH paatriikR^itaaH sviikR^itaaH ..

 O Lord! I am tormented by worldly woes as by the tongues of a forest fire. Your
speech  sweetened  by  the  ambrosial  bliss of Brahman is immensely cooling. It
issues  from  your  lips as from the mouth of a pitcher. It is delightful to the
ear.  Sprinkle  your cool words on my head. Blessed are those on whom falls your
passing glance accepting them as your own.

 sreyasi  kena  trpyate?  "In the matter of spritual wealth, by what will one be
contended?" So, in addition to the extinguishing of the samsAra fires, the sisya
asks  for  the  rain of supreme knowledge which will dower him with enjoyment of
BrahmAnanda.  That alone will remove all stains from his mind. The gItA says: na
hi jn~Anena sadrsam pavitramiha vidyate: "There is nothing here so  purifying as
jn~Ana."  As  the  words  embody  such  jn~Ana,  the  words  are  of the form of
instruction  in  jn~Ana  whcih  destroy  all  sins  themselves  are  said  to be

srutisukhaih:  whcih  give  delight to the ear. Being pure, being cool, being of
the  nature  of  sattva  guna,  issuing  out of the Guru's mouth; when the words
themselves  delight  the  ear when they are heard, how much more delightful will
they be when their meaning is understood!
from Adi Shankara BhagavadpAda's VivekachUdAmani, with commentary by Sri
Chandrasekhara Bharati of Srngeri.

Pörnam adah` pörnam idam pörnaat pörnam udach`yaté |
Pörnasya pörnam ädaya pörnam éva avasish`yatè ||

The Absolute[adah] remains Perfect [poornam]as before, while the derivatives are
also Perfect [idam, poornam,]. Even though a Perfect is derived from the
original Whole, Perfect[poornasya, poornam, aadaya], the Original Perfect
remains Whole and Perfect.[poornam, eva, avasishyate.]

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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