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 my next posting on this series will be on the Tripura Rahasya.


Pörnam adah` pörnam idam pörnaat pörnam udach`yaté |
Pörnasya pörnam ädaya pörnam éva avasish`yatè ||

The Absolute[adah] remains Perfect [poornam]as before, while the derivatives are
also Perfect [idam, poornam,]. Even though a Perfect is derived from the
original Whole, Perfect[poornasya, poornam, aadaya], the Original Perfect remain
Whole and Perfect.[poornam, eva, avasishyate.]

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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Greetings to You All.

Today is a great day.  I found the answer.

Many people Scholars and and Saints say that You control the mind by Pranayama
and or some other practice.  The don't define  who this "YOU" is.  I will tell
you this "YOU" is Jada.  Can't do anything.  Its like a  piece of wood.

Mind has to control itself.  Mind has to police itself.

We humans are lucky in the sense the Mind is always willing to pray Mahamaya.

Even Devatas do their duties on command from from Mahamaya.   Pray to Her with
open Heart.

She will show the way according to your inclination.    The stotra that
pleases her most is recited by Brhama.  It is in pradhmandhya of Saptasati.

May Devi Bless You All.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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