Philosopical views and certain knowledge

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Mon May 3 10:55:12 CDT 1999

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Parisi & Watson wrote:

> I could decide now as an act of will not to identify myself with my body
> or mind, and in time I might fully convince myself. But what would that
> change? I would still have the sense of touch and experience pain
> through 'my' body alone, see only in the direction that 'my' eyes are
> directed, and so on.

But even leaving aside any philosophical talk, we can do better than that.
Empathy is a quality we all have to some degree.  To some extent we can
see through other peoples eyes, feel what they feel etc.  If for example
ones wife or children were to be hurt wouldn't if be felt as if it had
happened to oneself.  When that feeling extends to all things it is

> Surely there must be more to realization than this?
> It appears to be merely a shift of perspective that makes no detectable
> difference of any kind.

It is a shift in perspective.  if it is not making a detectable
difference, it isn't a big enough shift.

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