Practical Vedanta

Sunder Hattangadi gourish at INTERNET1.NET
Sat May 8 10:22:54 CDT 1999

His Holiness paramapuujya swaamii chandrashekharendra sarasvatii(1894-1994),
 a Vedantin par excellence, gave a lesson for all of us:

the principle of "Sanatana Dharma", a concept relating to the well being of
all living elements on this earth. The composition in Sanskrit shown below,
is a fine example of the expression of this principle. It is a benediction
composed specifically for the occasion of the United Nations Day in 1966,
by His Holiness ChandraSekharendraSaraswati Swami of Kancheepuram in India.
It was rendered on that occasion at the UN by Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi.

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