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Sun May 9 12:18:24 CDT 1999

>Moksha for me is presently a very far off destination. May be I have >to be
>born again and again for that.

You should change your attitude. It's noble that you think of the welfare of
the society. But your purpose would be best served if you first realize

In the first place, when you yourself are not sure of what you're preaching,
how can you convince others? Secondly your words would carry more weight if
they're preached with conviction and if you're a jnani, people would take
you more seriously.

As Ramana Maharishi says, the first duty of man is to realize himself and
after that if he wants to serve the society, then let him do so, by all

As for practical VedAnta, I remember Giri telling me of such a book. It is
something called "Vedanta for daily life" or "Tackling daily problems with
VedAnta" or something, by Swami PrakAshananda, I think. Probably Giri could
give us the necessary information.

And from what I see, Swami Satya Sai Baba, not only effectively adressess
these issues, but also practically works towards putting them to practice.
You could check up on his literature.

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