sAmAnya dharma

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Mon May 10 12:32:44 CDT 1999

In this context, I would like to refer the members to look
into a jewel called "thirukkuRaL"  written by thiruvaLLuvar
in Tamil. This book was written close to 2000 years ago
and for the Tamil speaking population this has offered
guidance for many and many generations (and continues to do
so). It is very brief and succint. It has 1330 two line
verses organized into 133 chapters (each having 10 kuRaLs).
And these chapters are further organized into three
sections, aRam (dharma), poruL (artha), inbam (kAma), but
the author does not directly speak of viiDu (mokSha).

Commentary on this work by parimelazhagar is very old and
famous. It is explains the text from vedic stand point (for
this reason, has been criticized severely by dravidian
movements in this century). I have this work and refer to
it. I have the original commentary in Tamil (little tough to
read), but I am sure an English translation of the work
should exist. Some of the insights of parimelazhagar are
profound and very helpful in understanding the text.

When I utter the word vaLLuvar and thirukkuraL (like many
millions) my heart is filled with reverence, love and pride
for this great saint. I bow to him again and again.

vaLLuvar has many sections devoted to sAmAnya dharma.


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