Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Tue May 11 09:23:00 CDT 1999

In the thread on "Practical Vedanta", shrI SundrejI remarked
that a study of vedAnta can be undertaken one when is
initiated by a sadguru. That is very correct.

In the commentary on vivekachUDamaNi, shrI chandrasekhara
bhArati svaminaH again and again emphasizes that only a
sannyAsin qualifies for undertaking the study of vedAnta.
Because, when we say a study of vedanta we do not
distinguish it from its practice. Only a sannyasin who has
the vairAgya can truly practice it.

About the role of guru, in Tamil there is a saying; "guru
illaa kalvi pAzh", that is an education without a guru is
waste (or it will not come to completeness). This is very
true even for apara vidya, when that is so, how much true it
should be for para vidya.


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