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 nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> stated in reply to my posting

>>Moksha for me is presently a very far off destination. May be I have >to be
>>born again and again for that.
>You should change your attitude. It's noble that you think of the welfare of
>the society. But your purpose would be best served if you first realize
I will be very happy to change my opinion if I get convinced by any learned
member on any subject, enlightened by the discussion I have already changed,
appreciated and reconfirmed many opinions but I am not very clear what my
learned friend intend  by  use of word "attitude" is it opinion or some thing
more than that on my part? it take colour from what follows

>In the first place, when you yourself are not sure of what you're preaching,
>how can you convince others? Secondly your words would carry more weight if
>they're preached with conviction and if you're a jnani, people would take
>you more seriously.

I don't claim to be preaching any thing. I am expressing my opinions with
full conviction and testing them with opinions expressed by other members and
thereafter either I give up my earlier opinion or get reconfirmed about my
opinion. " and if you're a jnani" I have no pretensions about the same. But I
am very sure of what I say and I say that with all sense of responsibilities.
"Moksha for me is presently a very far off destination. May be I have to be
born again and again for that". "destination" implies I am a traveler on this
path and I am expressing my perception about  achieving it in terms of time
with my present stage of realisation. I am new on the list and as such I am
personally unaware about the ' persons' or the personal or spiritual
achievements, with whom I am discussing matters on the list. I will be very
happy to sit at the feet of any member who can help me in realising Moksha in
my this very birth. Just by way of reintroduction I am 48 years old Brahmin
by birth, Son of a respected Pujari(Priest)in a temple here at New Delhi, by
Profession I am Advocate at Delhi High Court since 1975 ( Ex Additional
Standing Counsel for Central Govt.. Govt. Counsel for  Delhi Govt. and
Municipal Corporation of Delhi etc.)  I most humbly repeat, I am not "jnani"
but I am a honest seeker of "divinity" within me. Whatever postings I am
sending maybe full of Ignorance in the eyes of learned members but there is
no lack of seriousness on my part. why should my learned friend have that
impression. I hope, in view of my this statement,  my friend will review
his/her opinion and guide me to realization in this very birth.

>As Ramana Maharishi says, the first duty of man is to realize himself and
>after that if he wants to serve the society, then let him do so, by all
>As for practical VedAnta, I remember Giri telling me of such a book. It is
>something called "Vedanta for daily life" or "Tackling daily problems with
>VedAnta" or something, by Swami PrakAshananda, I think. Probably Giri could
>give us the necessary information.
>And from what I see, Swami Satya Sai Baba, not only effectively adressess
>these issues, but also practically works towards putting them to practice.
>You could check up on his literature.

The Yaksha asked: " Kashc Dharma paro loke"
What is the highest Dharma in the world?

Dharmaputra Yudishtra answered:

"AanUshmsym paro"   The highest Dharma is kindness to all.

The word "kindness" may mean "Daya"  "non-injury" or "Service"


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