sAmAnya dharma

mmsudan mmsudan at BOL.NET.IN
Tue May 11 12:08:51 CDT 1999

Ravi wrote:-
I have the original commentary in Tamil (little tough to
>read), but I am sure an English translation of the work
>should exist.

I have one English translation of THIRUKKURAL presented to me by one of my
Tamil Friend a decade ago. It was published in 1987 by Asian Educational
Services, 5 Sripuram First Street, Madras-600014 and at C-2/15. S.D.A. New
Delhi-110016. I hope it might still be available with them. I also remember
that some years ago Shakti Sugar Group of Madras also published English
translation perhaps for free distribution. I have seen it in Sahitya Academy
Library here at New Delhi.


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