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Tue May 11 14:36:11 CDT 1999

Anand wrote:

2) satyam.h - the mitAxarA defines satyam.h as
"aprANipIdAkaraM yathArthavachanam.h", which means speaking
truth that does not cause pain to creatures (both humans and
animals). To clarify one must always speak the truth unless
doing so would cause only untold suffering to others.

namaste Anand:

Should not one speak truth no matter what the consequences
are? Valluvar definition also coincides with what you have
written. He says, "Truth is defined as that which causes no
harm to other beings"*.

Is there a shruti support for the definition you have

I can understand this definition, but what I find it
difficult to digest is the often quoted verse "na brUyAt
satyam apriyam".



* vAymai enappaDuvathu yAthenin yAthonRum
  thImai ilaatha cholal

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