Practical Vedanta

Bon Giovanni aq974 at LAFN.ORG
Sun May 16 10:05:45 CDT 1999

Pardon but isn't the recent letter in reply, more a private letter to one
person, than to all?

>>   vedanta and the
>>people who are in the pursuit of vedanta are irresponsible, non-caring and
>>self centered human beigns; for some reason
>Yes, this is absolutely true. Is it  a fair thing to think about ourself(or
>whatever you say like 'self realization') and dying to attain mukthi  while
>lots of people(particularly indians) suffer from evils like
>castism,religious riots,hunger,unemployment etc.,?
 You see the moon only with the help of moonlight, so too you can see GOD
only through the rays of LOVE.                       -Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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