karma yoga

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Mon May 17 09:19:46 CDT 1999

bhagavAn defines karma yoga in gIta. One should note that
that definition itself is formulated based on the jnAna of
vedAnta (upanishads) and existence of karma yoga owes to
that jnAna. I am not elaoborating on it, but if you think,
it may become clear.

Second thing is karma yoga is doing one's duties based on
the varNa and ashrama without the desire for the fruit. One
acts as if one is a mere tool in the hands of the Lord. But
performing his duties (nitya and naimittika karmas) without
attachment man purifies himself and doing it as an offering
to God, prevent from accruing any further. Definition of
karma yoga as social service is based on the influence of
Christianity on Hinduism. The sannyAsa ashrama has heavily
influenced in this regard, as most of them engage in social
service rather than seeking God. To a great extent, they are
doing the role of a rAjA by building schools, hospitals,


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