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Krishna Vaidyanathan kkvaidya at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 19 11:33:53 CDT 1999

>From: Vidyasankar Sundaresan <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM>
>To the ones defending our tradition, the discourse can be less harsh and
>less intimidating. Let's all remember the upanishadic message, datta,
>damyata, dayadhvam. dayA and dAna aside, we all need to develop Sama, dama
>etc. It is a defeat of our purpose if we claim to discuss SankarAcArya's
>teaching, and fail to even develop the basic sAdhana-sampat. A mailing
>even one with a defined focus such as ours, necessarily includes people of
>various backgrounds and thought processes. There is no harm in giving a
>patient hearing to questions, especially if there is sincerity behind them.


  Your point is well taken.

Thank you,



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