New member Introduction: Sri Kingston Cowart

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Thu May 20 13:21:03 CDT 1999

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"J. Kingston Cowart" <jkcowart at> on 05/20/99 01:17:04 PM

Dear List Members,

I have just discovered the Advaita Vedanda Home Page and have
subscribed to ADVAITA-L from there.

Advaita Vedanta interests me professionally from the interdisciplinary
perspective of religious studies/philosophy/psychotherapy--and
appeals to me personally, as well.

I tend not to intrude on lists to which I subscribe (prefering, for
the most part, to "lurk and learn") but I do sometimes ask questions.

Yours truly,

J. Kingston Cowart, M.S., M.A.(abt)
       Mental Health Counselor
         San Diego,  California
         <jkcowart at>

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