Practical Vedanta (fwd)

Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Mon May 24 13:57:34 CDT 1999

> Re: Social service. IMO, a true sannyAsi who renounces after attaining
> vairAgya and spends time in shravaNa et al is doing more "social
> service" than any one else. And again, what is this argument ad
> infinitum about whether one should help others or not according to
> smR^itis? Of course one should, within ones capabilities. It's plain
> common sense and human beings all over the world do so. Is it even
> worth talking about? Isn't it a plain enough fact?

        I know that my statements were in fact based on common sense my
whole message was an absurd repetition. But since I read only the later
e-mails on the thread (I didn't update my bookmarks to the new location of
the list and was wondering why the earlier messages weren't appearing in
the archives), I came to the conclusion that people were arguing for some
sort of selfishness or escapism, and just wanted to say what I thought was
common sense. After I read the previous messages in the thread I
understood correctly what Vaidya Sundaram and others were saying and I
accepted my mistake. Again, I am sorry for butting my head in when I
didn't understand the context very well.


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