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One important issue related to a householder taking sannyaasa is the
status of his wife. When the husband takes sannyaasa, wife will loose
her sumangali status and will be pushed to widowhood. This is not such
a pleasant event for a woman and would definitely hurt her, knowing
this I wonder any wife will let her husband go!

There is a reference to this aspect of dharma in MV's sankara dig
vijaya. When shrI maNDana mishra is about to take sannyAsa, there is an
air of concern about ubhaya bhArati attaining widowhood. Fortunately,
ubhaya bhArati resolves this easily by deciding to ascend to heaven as
a sumangali before maNdana takes sannyaasa. You can read this in detail
from the text.

Taking sannyAsa is a difficult thing, the inner purity to take that
step will arise only when steadfastly does one duties as ordained by
shAstra-s and who views life as series of duties and not get attached
to it. Easier said than done.  One gets easily attached and becomes an
easy prey to emotions arising as raaga and dvesha, which torments the
soul in the form grief and deludes him/her from knowing the truth.

Our only hope is pray to jaganmAta shrI mahAtripurasundarI to guide us.

marivErE gati evaramma
  mahilo nannu brochuTaku
sharaNaagata rakShakii niivEyani
  sadaa (ninnu) nammiiti nammiiti miinAkShii

Besides Thee who else is there. O beloved Mother. to save me in this
world. I steadfastly believe that you will certainly protect those who
have surrendered to Thee.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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