Yajnavalkya, Maharshi Vyasa and Upanishads etc.

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Wed Nov 3 18:30:46 CST 1999

Namaste All,

I profess here in the beginning that I have not searched the Advaita-L
archives for the question I am about to pose. Maybe I can get a pointer

The question is:

Maharshi Vyasa is said to have written the Mahabharata around the time 5128
BCE (Shri Vartak etc.). We also know, from cyclical references, that the
Vedanta Sutras were also written around that time. Does anyone know if there
is a date attributed to when he compiled the Vedas and distributed them into
the present 4? I was thinking this is kind of important because there are
references to Yajnavalkya in the Upanishads and Brahamanas. If that is so,
the Brahmanas and Upanishads were still being added to in Ved Vyasa's
lifetime. Yajnavalkya as all know was the Shishya of Vaishampayana who in
turn was the Shishya of Rshi Ved Vyas. Is there any indication of the time
around which the four Vedas were compiled. Also, is it the common belief
that the Vedanta marks the real end of the Vedic corpus i.e. no more
additions have been made and only commentaries have sprouted forth e.g. our
own Acharya's commentaries. MahaRshi Ved Vyas must have lived for a very
very long time as he not only saw the Upanishads and Brahmanas being
composed, he also decided at some point that there was no more need of
making new additions.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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