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Giridhar giridhar at CHEMENG.IISC.ERNET.IN
Wed Nov 3 20:43:10 CST 1999

>I heard some other stories also. Apparently the Ramakrishna Mission
>folks send the new ascetic inductees to some faraway place from their
>hometown and do not divulge the places' name to the parents. This is
>because they have had infinite trouble with many of the mothers
>starting a fast unto death campaign right outside the mission where
>their son had been posted. Obviously, this is only an emotional
>blackmail scheme to get their sons not to go to sannyAsa. Certainly

This is only partly correct. RK mission talks to the parents. If the person
wanting to take sannyasa is the only son and the parents are unwilling to
let go, they do not accept him. They try to convince the parents though.
However, if the person is not the only son and is strongly wanting to take
sannyasa, they do what you have said above, if the parents object. I have
seen many cases here and in some cases, the parents are so happy that their
son/daughter wants to take sannyas. Some parents object because they do not
want their eldest son (who is supposed to perform the last rites) to take
                Anyway, it is clearly understood by all that for self-realization,
sannyas is needed (not the mental sannyas one has by working for a fortune
500 company, having 2 cars and a family :-) :-). Exceptions, though
available, are rare..very rare.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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