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Nataraj BV <ntj3 at> on 11/05/99 01:51:29 PM

Dear List Administrators:

Thank you for subscribing me to the advaita list. Though I have some basic
of advaita, I have some specific questions and I think joining this list would
help. I am
interested particularly in Sri Shankaracharya's views and I request members to
confine their answers to traditional school of advaita as taught by

As far as my personal background is concerned, I am from Karnataka and I am very
in Kannada as it is my mother-tongue. I am currently working as a Traffic
Engineer here
in the USA.

My first question deals with eka-jIva vAda and bahu-jIva vAda. However, before
posing the
question on the list, I will first search the archives to see if this has been

Thank you.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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