Shankaracharyas' view on Dharmashastras

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> My question is, since the Jagadguru has himself pointed out to the
> non-applicability of some Smritis, as mentioned in Vidya's post, what
> exactly is a Smartha to follow ? What should be retained and what
> discarded
> ? Is there any agreement on these things? Is there a better way of
> learning
> about this (i.e. from a book or articles)?
> thanks
> ashish

If the question "What exactly should a smaarta should follow?" is
modified to "What exactly I should follow now?" you will get clear
guidance from Acharya-s. Not only that, many elders (who follow their
tradition) may be able to guide to easily.

Especially this change in the question has made my life quite simple,
instead of breaking my head over generality, I can see the specifics.
Things become very clear and one's own deficiencies are mercilessly
exposed. It also makes it possible to take remedial actions.

The coin of orthodoxy has two sides, the beautiful side is revealed
when one follows it and the ugly side when one merely talks about it.

(aside: whenever I feel terribly guilty that I am not following the
dharma which is prescribed, I read viShNu sahasranAma, that really
gives me peace of mind.)

AUM shrImAtre namaH

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