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Fri Nov 12 21:43:50 CST 1999

>Now I've seen everything! A Hindu scripture advocating the eating of

The same shankaracharya you quote above has clearly said that
there is nothing in the sastras which prevent a brahmin from eating beef or
meat. But, sannyasis are forbidden to eat meat. Over the course of time,
the brahmins adopted it. Now, the tradition has become so long that not
many brahmins eat meat.

> There is a lot of freedom given to widows -- remarriage is
>certainly allowed:
>GDS (chapter 28)
>4. A woman whose husband is dead and who desires offspring (may bear a son)
>to her brother-in-law.

I don't see any mention of remarriage. Do you ? I only see that she can
bear an offspring, not remarry.

There was a sati even yesterday, isn't it ?

>Apastamba is a Rishi revered by the advaita tradition, and he makes it
>clear that the goal is Atma-GYAna.
>ADS (1.8.22)

Shankara has written a commentary to this set of sutras. I had posted on
the advaita list two years back.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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