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Refer of the Apastamba Sutra:
 "When he shows respect to Gurus, or aged persons or guests, when he offers a
burnt oblation (or other sacrifice), when he murmurs prayers at dinner, when
sipping water (i.e. acamana) and during the daily recitation of the veda, his
garment (or in it's absence) his sacrificial thread shall pass over his left
shoulder and under his right arm."

 This is one among several rules; some others are (and I paraphrase for
simplicity) : his head shall not have a hood (or garment or crown) on; his hands
shall be free; he shall not wear shoes ...

 The above rule(s) applies generally. There are additional specifics noted
elsewhere for students and grhastas separately; some additional requirement for
grhastas is that their left shoulder must never be left bare. He shall perform
acamana atleast once every muhurta and so on ...

In an unrelated yet interesting sutra  -  note that specifically
states: "(he) shall not drink water standing or bent forwards" - in other words,
what people in the US usually do at water fountains is - well - simply not
permitted ! (it should however be noted I am referring to the english
translation - there is abiguity as to whether this sutra refers to drinkig water
at any time, or if it with respect to specifically drinking / sipping water for
purification - ass in acamana)

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

Arun kumar <akg74 at HOTMAIL.COM> on 11/16/99 07:37:17 AM

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My friend was in Sringeri last month and wanted to see swamiji. He was asked
to remove his shirt and vest. He was questioning me why was that a
requirement to see swamiji. He also mentioned that all brahman temples in
south India has that requirement to enter the temple.

I was not equipped with an answer when i went into argument with him. Could
the learned members of this list help me in this.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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