shrii subrahmaNya bhujaN\^{}gam.h (V1-2)

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I typed this few years back for the Jaguar site and for some of
my close friends. I thought I will post this as a series to
advaita-L now, so that members can read a verse or two daily. If
you have any objections let me know. The complete text is
available in jaguar and Prof. Narayanaswami kindly corrected the

shrii subrahmaNya bhujaN\^{}gam.h

   shrii subrahmaNya bhujaN\^{}gam is a stotra sung under inspiration
by shrii aadi shankaraachaarya at Thiruchendur ( presently located in
Tamil Nadu, India). When he meditated upon shrii subrahmaNya, he
became aware of the self luminous light shining in his heart and words
came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. It is also said
that aachaarya then actually saw the aadisheshha worshipping the Lord
and adopted the bhujanga metre.

Major portion of the translation provided here is adopted from,
{\bf Iyer, Ganesa M.}, {\it Srimat Sankara Bhagavat Padal's Sri
Subrahmanya Bhujangam}, The Little flower Company, Madras, 1992.

Invocation of shrii vighneshvara

sadaa baalaruupaa.api vighnaadrihantrii
mahaadantivaktraa.api paJNchaasyamaanyaa |
vidhiindraadimR^igyaa gaNeshaabhidhaa me
vidhattaaM shriyaM kaa.api kalyaaNamuurtiH || 1||

Though he always sports the appearance of a child, he can crumble the
the mountains of obstacles. Though he is elephant--faced, he is
honored even by his five--faced father Shiva (sadyaojaatam, vaamadevam,
aghoram, tatpurushham and iishaanam). Lord Brahma, Indra and the other Devas
seek him to fulfil their aspirations. He is known as Ganesha and he is
endowed with boundless glory. May he bless me with wealth (of

aachaaryaa's humility

na jaanaami shabdaM na jaanaami chaarthaM
na jaanaami padyaM na jaanaami gadyam.h |
chidekaa shhaDaasya hR^idi dyotate me
mukhaanniHsarante girashchaapi chitram.h || 2||

I know not the science of musical sounds, I know not the meanings of
complex texts either, I know not the nature of shlokas made of four
types of padaas, and nor do I know the intricacies of the Gadyam style!
But in my heart, shines a effulgent light with luminous six faces, and
because of that from my mouth, amazing phrases with musical tone and
meanings pour out in extempore.

This shloka brings out the humility of the achaaryaa, who is
considered as the greatest jnani, poet, and yogi who walked on the face of
this earth. Meditating on the verse will bring wisdom to the aspirant.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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