Moksha in advaita

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Mon Nov 22 15:42:38 CST 1999

Dear List Members:

According to advaita, jIvas feel that they are different from each other and from brAhman
because of avidya. If this is the case, how can individuals get rid of avidya? Since I am
not different from others or Brahman, and since there will always be jIvas suffering from
avidya (due to the fact that there are *infinite* jIvas in samsara), there is no
possibility for anyone (Brahman) to get rid of avidya, ever. If you say that Brahman has
two parts- one which is suffering from avidya and one which is not, then you are implying
duality which goes against advaita.

Also, if we are non-different from each other, what is the point in us doing sadhana
individually? When some great soul gets rids of avidya, we should all automatically get
rid of avidya. Since this has not happened, it implies that nobody has ever gotten rid of
avidya in the past.

These are some of my doubts regarding advaita and any meaningful answers will be


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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