saguNa and nirguNa are the same

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Mon Nov 22 20:22:41 CST 1999

Rama has stated his views in profound beautiful steps.  But the conclusion,

>If we say saguNa and nirguNa are the same just because the"final results"
>are the same, we must also admit karma and GYAna to be the same.

Seems to be a bit out of the way. Just because the end result of two actions
is the same, it does imply that the methods involved are automatically
equated.  The first difficulty is that you have two objects in hand and you
are trying to prove that both are the same or deny both are different. But
if you have only one object and make it look like another then there is no
question of two objects at all.

It's hard to interrupt terms and arrive at a conclusion. For instance in
rAmAyaNa we read that, Rama after his avatar went to brahmaloka.

dashavarshhasahasraaNi dashavarshhashataani cha |
raamo raajyamupaasitvaa brahmalokam gamishhyati || 1-1-97

But the same rAmAyaNa states that Rama is none other than Vishnu as well as
he is the ultimate reality. Then why should he ascend to brahmaloka?

>In any case, we cannot say that the effect of saguNopAsana are GYAna are
>the "same" for the reasons I gave above.

I don't quite get your point. A sagoNopasaka gets what ever he wants. If he
desires GYAna, he gets that. That what even the story you stated reveal.

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