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>Subject: Enlightenment for Beginners
>Dear Friends,
>     After many long delays, my little book ("Enlightenment for
Beginners") is finally available to be purchased.
>     I had fully expected it to have been available around August 1st.
However, things obviously unfolded on a different schedule.   C'est la vie!
>     When the book was originally published by Newcastle Publishing many
years ago, it was sold under another title ("What Are You Doing In My
Universe?").  Now, after changing the title to "Enlightenment for
Beginners," I've decided to publish it myself.
>     EFB is a short book (about 2000 words with a 1600 word Introduction)
that speaks to the quintessence of non-dualism in a very light, whimsical
and playful manner.  Although the Introduction is a bit heady, the main
text is suitable for both kids (as young as 10) and adults alike.
>     Some of the people who have endorsed this book are:  Deepak Chopra,
Stanislav Grof, Werner Erhard, Dan Millman, Ken Wilber, Al Huang, Wayne
Liquorman, Francis Lucille, Douglas Harding, Timothy Leary, Jean Klein,
Huston Smith and many many others.
>     Please check out my website through the link below and maybe even buy
a few copies for your friends, too.
>      Thanks for your support.
With Blessings,
             Chuck Hillig

Author of....."Enlightenment for Beginners"
Published by:  Black Dot Publications  ($11.95 plus tax and shipping)
                      1-805-640-8825  (phone and fax)
                      Web:    http://www.blackdotpubs.com
                      E-mail:  blackdotpubs at yahoo.com

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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