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>I think to understand that the important is the intensity of my bhakti and
not the particular Lord I'm voted to.
>But my problem is that I don't know which are the practical ways to worship
my Deity, the prayers to be said, what sacrifices I
>should do and what are the appropriate rituals.
>So my question could be reformulated as this:
>What should I do to become a devotee of Lord Siva?

As Vaidya said, Shiva is Ashutoshha, one who is easily pleased. It does
not take much effort to please Him. Perhaps He is the God for those who
are too busy to get into elaborate worship or those who are too lazy to
worship God (as I am sometimes)! One mantra that is often heard in
advaita circles is "shivoham" (shivo .aham.h). This means "I am Shiva".
Shiva is none other than the supreme Self. Just as one need not make a
special effort to please oneself, so is the case with Shiva.

If you are interested in practical worship in a systematic way it is
better to learn it directly from a devotee rather than try to learn it
online. Information on Shavism can also be found at:



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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