Advaita and Christianity

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My apologies. I seem to have made a mistake.
I am told that when Apastamba says renounce the Vedas if you are a
sanyasin, apparently he meant that part of the vedas where he is told that
he is has a duty to marry and have children etc. That is what must be
Thanks also to Rama for pointing it out.
bhava shankara desikame sharaNam.

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> >When one seeks the Self exclusively, the Vedas MUST be renounced.
> The question is renounce the vedas *when*?

The vedas are not renounced anytime. To the person of realization the
vedas become no vedas. Not for others. The upanishhads are quite clear
about this. viGYAna is through vedAnta alone. If Apastamba *really*
meant otherwise (I don't think so), that cannot be accepted. appayya
dIxita refutes Apastambas contention that the householder state is
superior to the sannyAsAshrama explicitly.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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