Renunciation with Self-enquiry (was Re: Advaita ...)

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On Wed, 5 Apr 2000 21:38:57 -0500, Sankaran Kartik Jayanarayanan
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>But what about "satya-anR^ite parityajya," the renunciation of "truth and
>untruth"? Can one renounce both truth and untruth and yet hold onto the

I dont know! And I am confused yet again! How can you renounce the truth
and yet see it (or try to see it?) as well? For example, it is like saying
you want to cross the river, and some one tells you to use the boat to
cross and yet must also give up the boat to cross - i guess the correct way
to look at it would be: cross the boat, and then once on the other side,
you no longer need the boat, so you leave it, and point to the others who
want to cross it (the river) and say: "You guys use the boat, i dont need
it any more"!!

I think so also with the current point of contention. As long as one is
embodied (whether as an ajn~ani or as a jivan mukta), he must obey the
dictats of the vedas, (or those portions which govern his or her particular
class/state/what-ever-you-may-call-it!). If he does not, he falls into the
trap of having abandoned his dharma.

I hope list members will find the time to point out the flaws in this

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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