The Rig Vedic Ramayana - 2

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Rig Veda 10.99.1:

 kaM nashchitramishhaNyasi chikitvAnpR^ithugmAnaM vAshraM vAvR^idhadhyai |
 kattasya dAtu shavaso vyushhTau taxadvajraM vR^itraturamapinvat.h ||

 O Guru! Who is the praiseworthy, charming person with virtues such as
 valor and strength, whom you inspire us to glorify? And by extolling
 Him what result (fruit) can His power can give me? (In reply, it is
 stated,) by sharpening the viveka (discrimination between the eternal
 and noneternal), He (rAma) will destroy the vR^itra demon of ignorance!

Rig Veda 10.99.2:

 sa hi dyutA vidyutA veti sAmapR^ithuM yonimasuratvA sasAda |
 sa sanILebhiH prasahAno asya bhrAturna R^ite saptathasya mAyAH |

 By His brilliance and prowess, rAma with His (vAnara) forces, withstanding
 the prolonged onslaught of rAvaNa's illusion tactics (mAyA) in battle,
 destroyed the same rAvaNa along with all his mAyA. rAvaNa, the asura, had
 (earlier) stolen the daughter of the Earth, sItA, the wife of rAma who
 hates none.


 These Riks  correspond to the question by vAlmIki to nArada and nArada's
 reply in the very first chapter of the vAlmIki rAmAyaNa.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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