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Hari Om,

Hearty welcome to Atmabodh's translation by Sri Ashish Chandra. I am sure it
will be of great interest both to the beginners and to those who have achieved
much progress in the path of spirituality.

In the word by word translation and in the summary of the first verse I thought
slight modifications can be made to bring out more apropriate meaning. I shall
indicate the changes which can be incorporated in  italics.

Ashish Chandra wrote:

>                             || Aatmabodh.h ||
> 1. discrimination between real and unreal (viveka)

discrimination between eternal ( nitya ) and ephemeral (anitya)

> 2. non-attachment (i.e indifferent to the results of one's action)

absence of desire or dispassion (vairaagya) (for the enjoyment in this world and
in the other world  - heaven)

> 3. desire for emancipation (mumukshu-s)


> and
> 4. the six fold qualities,
> a . saama (restraint of internal senses)


> b . daama (restraint of external senses)


> c . uparati (control of senses, without jumping from one object to another)
> d . samaadhaana (mind constantly on the Self)
> e . titiikshaa (indifferent endurance)

the endurance of the dwandwas of life ( pleasures and pains, heat and cold and
such other opposites which constitute life )

> f . shraddhaa (faith)

faith in the words of Guru and scriptures.

> _end quote
> || Aatmabodh.h ||
> tapobhiH kshiiNapaapaanaaM shaantaanaaM viitaraagiNaam.h |
> mumukshuuNaamapekshyo.ayamaatmabodho vidhiiyate ||
> tapobhih - by serious penances

> kshiiNa - sins, weakened state
> paapaanaaM - Amongst sins (plural)

ksiiNapaapaanaaM (one word) - amongst those whose sins have been annihilated (by

> shaantaanaaM - in happiness (plural)

 (amongst those) who are peaceful

> viitaraagiNaam.h - of the sannyaas ashram

who are dispassionate ( who are devoid of passion)

> mumukshuuNaam - desirous of Moksha
> apekshyo - expectation

> ayam - this one
> aatmabodho - self knowledge
> vidhiiyate - does take place

this text aatmabodh is meant for

> By serious penances does the happiness of sannyaas ashram come to those
> desirous of Moksha, whose state is weakened by sins.

This work Atmabodh is meant for those people whose sins have been annihilated by
penances, who are peaceful by nature, who are dispassionate and who are desirous
of moksha.

Ashish, please continue the good work. Everybody is a learner in life. Nobody is
an expert. Good luck

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya
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