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This is a work of shrii shankara bhagavadpaada.

namaH shivaabhyaaM navayauvanaabhyaaM
 parasparaashlishhTa vapurdharaabhyaam.h |
 namo namaH sha~Nkarapaarvatiibhyaam.h || 1||

Prostrations to the divine couple shiva and
shivaa, who are endowed with ever new and eternal
youth,  whose bodies are in a mutual embrace,
clinging on to each other and supporing one
another; Prostrations to the daugher of himavaan
and the one who has bull as His sign.
Saluatations again and again to Lord shankara and
parvatii devii.

nava - new
yauvana - youth
paraspara - mutual
ashlishhTa - embracing, clinging on to
vapuH - body
dhara - to support or bear
naga  - mountain, nagendra refers to himavaan
vR^ishhaketana - one who has bull as his sign

Comments and corrections are welcome. Also kindly
forgive me for the errors in the translation, as
this is my attempt to understand this stotram

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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