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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Fri Apr 14 08:15:07 CDT 2000

I am quite delighted to see such a possibility to discuss and try to learn
about Advaita philosophy of BagavadPadaal.
I am 32 years old, working in Sharjah in Tiffany Foods Limited, as Factory
Development Manager( looking after new products, packaging development etc).
I have been in Tiffany for about 7 years now. I was working with Britannia
Industries ltd, bombay for about 4 years.
In our family, our KulaGuru is the Shringeri Peetathipathi and last May
(1999), thought being such a fallen soul , I had the great bhagyam of having
Manthropadesam from His Holiness JagadGuru Shri Shri BharathiTheertha
MahaSwamigal. My brother lives in Muscat with his wife , son and daughter.
My mother also lives with my brother. My brother continues to do  the
Panchayathana Pooja which our ancestors were doing . I had the opportunity
to do Panchayatana pooja for about 1 year in Poona.
Here in Sharjah,there is lot of activity by ISKCON and i keep attending the
programmes as they foster Bhakthi. But they donot accept Advaita and  I get
lot of doubts. I would be very happy if i can raise my doubts and get them
cleared. I in fact wrote a long letter to JagadGuru about 2 years back. I
have written another letter but not yet posted now.
I have 2 daughters, one 2 1/2 years and another 1 month old. (Shruthi and
Smrithi are the names).
KIndly include me in the posting lists so that I can try to get some
knowledge though being such a fool, i donot know if i can understand anything.
Agnanam JanhaveeTheertham  VidhyaTheertham Vivekinam
Sarvesham Sukhadham Theertham Bharathi Theertham Aashrayae.
All Glories to JagadGuru.
By the way, where is this being operated from? How are the connections with
the Shringeri and Kanchi Mathams?

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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