Vasishtasangrah sarga 22 - Introduction

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I've been reading with great interest the discussion concerning the
embodiment of parabrahman known as Shri Rama.  I would like to begin an
excerpt from a very influential work of Advaita Vedanta called
Yogavasishta Ramayana.  This too is a work of Valmiki Maharshi but whereas
as the mula Ramayana deals with the external aspects of the story of Shri
Rama, the Yogavasishta deals mainly with the inner meaning.  It takes
place during the childhood of Shri Rama when He had been sent to the
ashram of Maharshi Vasishta for instruction.

This work consists of 32,000 shlokas.  A Kashmiri author called
Abhinandana abridged it into a work of about 6,000 shlokas called
Laghuyogavasishta.  Later, Swami Jnanananda Bharati who was associated
with the Shringeri Math , abridged it still further into a a work of
approximately 1,700 shlokas called Vasishtasangrah.  My postings will
actually be based on this.

The Vasishtasangrah along with an English translation by Samvid was
published in 1987, by Samata Books, Madras. I will consult this
translation but substitute my own where necessary.

The 22nd sarga--devaarchanavidhanam (The method of worshipping God)  is
particularly appropriate I feel because of the discussions we have had
about the role of bhakti and the shastras in Advaita Vedanta.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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