The story of Hanumaan - 2

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Saddened by Hanumaan's plight under the hands of Indra, Vaayudeva ( the
Wind God ) disappears  with his son Hanumaan  into the paataala loka (
the nether world ). The movement of air on earth stopped and people,
animals and birds felt suffocated. Observing this the Gods along with
Brahma went to paataala loka and requested the Wind God to return to
earth. To pacify him they granted many boons to his son and because of
these boons Hanumaan became invincible. With a body as strong as a
diamond he grew up to become the most courageous amongst the three
worlds. Being satisfied the Wind God now returned to earth with his son.

Now Hanumaan was to undergo formal education. He chose the Sun God
Suryanaaraayana to be his Guru. But the Sun God could not stop his
movement to sit in a place to teach Hanumaan. So Hanumaan also moved
along with the Sun, moving backwards, facing the Sun. ( This is
according to mythology and not modern science ) His studies progressed
so fast that he completed learning all the shaastraas from
Suryanaaraayana with in sixty hours and became very bright ( mahaa
tejaswi ), well versed in all the vidyaas and became a jnaani. He became
an expert in aadhyaatma vidyaa. Even Gods were wonderstruck at the speed
with which he learnt all the vidyaas.

Now Hanumaan had to pay the fees to his Guru ( Guru dakshiNa ). But
looking at his shradhdhaa and bhakti the Sun God said that his devotion
to his Guru was in itself a great Guru dakshiNa. But Hanumaan forced Sun
God to ask for something which he could give him. So the Sun requests
him to become a friend and a minister to his son Sugreeva  who was in
Kishkinda and serve him well, which would be his Guru dakshiNa. Then
onwards Hanumaan becomes a minister to Sugreeva.

When Sri Rama comes to R^ishyamuukha parvata with brother Lakshmana
looking for his wife Sita, Hanumaan meets Rama first and takes him to
his king Sugreeva. When Rama comes to know of the deceitful Vaali, he
promises Sugreeva that he would kill Vaali and get his kingdom back.
Sugreeva in turn promises to search for his wife Sita with his army of
monkeys. Both of them fulfill their promises and Hanumaan finds Sita in
Lanka. Sri Rama goes to Lanka with this army of monkeys, wages a war and
kills Ravana,  frees Sita and brings her back to Ayodhya. Hanumaan with
his loyal service at the feet of Sri Rama attains fame as the most
revered dhuuta and bhakta of Sri Rama.


May Lord Hanumaan bless us all with sincere devotion to Sri Rama and may
Anjaneya bestow upon us the strength of mind and body to attain the feet
of Rama.

budhdhirbalam yashodhairyam nirbhayatvam arogataam
ajaadyam vaakpatutvam cha hanumat smaranaat bhavet.

Raama Lakshmana Jaanaki
Jai bolo Hanumaanki !

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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