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puraH praa~njaliinaa~njaneyaadibhaktaan.h
       svachinmudrayaa bhadrayaa bodhayantam.h |
bhaje.aha.m bhaje.aha.m sadaa raamachandra.m
       tvadanya.m na manye na manye na manye || 7 ||

bodhayantam.h : Teaching (brahmavidyaa)
aa~njaneyaadibhaktaan.h : aa~njaneya and other
praa~njaliin : (who are) standing with hands folded,
puraH : in the front,
bhadrayaa svachinmudrayaa : with the auspicious
                     chinmudra (jnaana mudra),
bhaje.aha.m  : I worship,
raamachandra.m : shrii raamachandra,
sadaa : always,
na manye  : (O Raama) I will not think
tvadanya.m :  of any other god apart from Thee.

shrii raama is teaching brahmavidyaa with the
to shrii aa~njaneya and other devotees who are
with folded hands. I worship Him again and again. O
Raama, I will not even think of anybody else (or any
other god/deity).

Let us meditate on this Divine Scene again.

shrii raama is clad in Royal attire, with the
Koustubha gem on His chest. He wears a floral garland
with the bees buzzing in confusion around the Lord and

the flowers. A beautiful moonlight like smile is
playing on His crimson red lips. Brahma, Rudra and
other gods offer their obeisances at the feet of the
Lord with the lustre radiating from their
aa~njaneya and other devotees stand respectfully in
front of the Lord. shrii raamachandra is imparting
brahma-vidyaa to all the devotees with the most
auspicious chinmudra. O shrii raama, I worship Thee
again and again. I will not even bring other thoughts
or gods to my mind.

The chinmudra or the jnaana mudra is a posture with
right index finger and the right thumb touching one
another. All great Gurus are seen with the chinmudra.
It usually indicates imparting brahma-vidya.
shrii dakshiNaamuurti, shrii shaaradaamba
and shrii sha~nkara are most well known for their
display of the chin-mudra.

The situation of shrii raama imparting brahma-vidyaa
is reminiscent of shrii dakshiNaamuurti, a
of Lord shiva. A beautiful dhyaana shloka of shrii
dakshiNaamuurti is worth mentioning here.

yuvaana.m |
brahma-niShThaiH ||
aachaaryendra.m karakalita-chinmudra-maanandaruupam
svaatmaaraama.m muditavadana.m dakshiNaamuurtimiiDe ||

shrii dakshiNaamuurti teaches brahma-vidyaa with his
silent instruction. While the Teacher is a youth, He
surrounded by numerous sages and brahman-realized
souls. He is the best among the aachaarya s.His hand
displays the chinmudra. He is the embodiment of bliss
and is always happy within Himself. I bow to shrii
dakshiNaamuurti with the pleasant look on His face.

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