Importance of Puranas in the Advaita tradition

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>From: "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at>
>  This
> > might be just some article I have read and if any members know of
> > similar, please post. But then some other Puranas describe him as an
> > of Shesh Naag.
> >
>I haven't heard of this.

Balarama, as well as Lakshamana, are considered avataars of Shesh Naag, are
they not?

>For a concrete example, take the Bhagavadgita.  A large part of its
>importance (particularly to Vaishnavas) comes from it being the direct
>word of God to Arjuna.  However it really isn't.  In the context of the
>Mahabharata, it Sanjays' report to Dhrtarashtra about what Krishna
>Bhagawan said to Arjuna.  This in turn is Maharshi Vyas's report of what
>Sanjay said to Dhrtarashtra which in turn is recited by Lomaharshana
to                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Janamajeya (the descendant of Arjuna.)

I thought it was Vaishampayana. Are the two the same?


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