Vasishtasangrah sarga 22 Vidhanaprashnah (continued)

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[Vasishtha continues]

kadaachit jahnaviteere sthito'ham poojayan shivam |
tadaa shravanapakshasya bahulasyaashtame dine || 10 ||

Once upon a time I was engaged in the worship of Shiva Bhagawan on the
banks of the Jahnavi[1] Then on Shravana Krishna Ashtami[2] (10)

apashyam kaanane tejah chandrabimbaganopamam |
yaavat pashyaami tam desham praptah chandrakaladharah || 11 ||

I saw in the forest a light shining like many moons.  As I saw that, the
Lord who wears the crescent moon came to that place (11)

gaureekaraarpitakaro nandiprotsaaritaagragah |
arghyam pushpam tathaa paadyam abhyupetyaarpitam || 12 ||

hand in hand with Gauri, walking forth preceded by Nandi[3].
I came  to meet Him offering arghya[4], flowers, and water to wash his
feet. (12)

namaskaaraih tathaa stotraih deveeyutashivo'rchite |
poojaante maam uvaachedam atisheetalayaa giraa || 13 ||

I worshipped Shiva together with Devi with salutations and hymns |
At the end of my puja, he said to me with soft words: (13)

kacchit tapaste nirvighnam kim praapyam praaptavaanasi |
ityuktena mayaa proktam tvadanusmarane sati || 14 ||

"I hope your tapa is without obstacles.  Have you obtained that which is
fit to be obtained?"  I replied, "When You are thought of, (14)

kuto vighnah na dushprapam bhuvi kimchana vighnate |
apavargapuradvaram [5] tvadanusmaranam vibho || 15 ||

what is there that could pose an obstacle?  Then, there is nothing that is
difficult to achieve.  Lord, remembering You is the gate to ultimate joy.

kim tu prchhaami devesha kimchit samdehanirnayam |
sarvapaapakshayakaram sarvakalyaanavardhanam || 16 ||

However, I would like to ask You, oh Lord of the Gods to settle a doubt.
That which destroys all sins, that which increases good fortune (16)

devaarchanavidhaanam tat keedrsham bhavati prabho |

that method of worshipping the Gods, what is its' nature Lord? (17a)

(to be continued)

[1] I.e. Ganga.

[2] Which is Janmashtami though the text doesn't mention it.

[3] The vehicle of Shiva Bhagawan.

[4] Water ceremonially offered as a sign of respect.

[5] Literally, the city of fullfilment.

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