avatAra of Adishesha ?

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>From: Raghavendra Hebbalalu <hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM>
> > > Balarama, as well as Lakshamana, are considered
> > avataars of Shesh Naag, are
> > > they not?
> > Not by us I don't think.
>Interesting. Just for this, I glanced through the
>bAlakANDa of the rAmAyaNa. In sarga 17, the birth of
>shrii rAma and His brothers is described.
>The 9th shloka
>atha lakShmaNashatrughnau sumitrAjanayatsutau |
>vIrau sarvAstrakushalau viShNorardhasamanvitau ||
>Then, sumitrA gave birth to two sons, lakshmaNa and
>shatrughna, brave and proficient in all the astras,
>who were with one half of Lord vishNu.

According to a story I heard in my childhood, and many times over since,
Shesh Naag accompanied Bhagavan Vishnu to the earth in the form of

After this avataar, however, Shesh Naag complained to Bh. Vishnu that he
always got to be the younger one. So Bh. Vishnu gave in to his wishes and
hence Shesh Naag was born as Balaraam and Bh. Vishnu as Sri Krishna.

This story is prevalent all over India, I think.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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