Hindu Trinity

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 26 15:31:46 CDT 2000

Hello :

  I kindly request clarification regarding a matter that
has been bothering me for a while.  It is the notion of the
"Hindu Trinity" which I have briefly outlined below.

  According to this notion, Brahman becomes variegated
according to gunas ( thus becoming saguna ) and manifests
the three gods -- Brahma, VishNu and Shiva.  These gunas
also bestow a "function" or "role" for these gods, namely,
creation, conservation and destruction respectively.
 i.e.    Brahman
           | ( becomes manifest with gunas due to maya )
  |        |            |
  |        |            |
  |        |            |
Brahma    VishNu      Shiva
Guna      Guna        Guna
-----     ----        ----
Rajas     Sattva      Tamas

Duty      Duty        Duty
----      ----        ----
creation  conservation  destruction

1) Does this not contradict Advaita?

2) Does this concept have any affirmation within the
   SmArtha/Advaita tradition?

3) Why is Brahma not worshipped as widely as Shiva and
   VishNu? I am familiar with the mythological story as to
   why this is so.  But, I have not been able to find any
   documentary evidence based on theology or philosophy.
   I have been to a Brahma temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan.
   And, I have not heard of any other temple.  So, I am
   really curious as to why Brahma has been marginalized?

4) Last but not the least, Is this a "neo-hindu" concept
   ( the notion and emphasis on "trinity" specifically )?
   Did it emerge during the last 200 years so as to find
   some common ground with Christina "trinity" ( atleast
   they could claim to have one word in common )?



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