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>From: Rajiv Malhotra <rajiv.malhotra at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
>This is a very beautiful way of expressing it. I agree with this approach
>indeed. We as apparent beings, are apparently co-creating an apparent

As long as we are in the realm of vyAvahArika, we cannot arrogate to
ourselves powers such as being co-creators of the truth. According to the
yogA system, siddhis such as the power of creation can be attained by tapas.
So I would probably disagree with calling ourselves virtual beings in a
virtual reality. That would be like pretending that the snake is the rope,
something that has to be seen and not imagined. The fear is very much real
till the lamp of Jnana demolishes the apparition of the snake.

Coming back to the reason why Brahma is not worshipped, there probably is
nothing more than the reasons cited in the Puranas. In north India, there is
a tradition of worshipping Ahoi Mata who protects the sons and their future
generations. I have never seen or heard of something similar in any other
part of India. There probably is nothing to it except popular beliefs
(please correct me if this is not so).


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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