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Vaidya Sundaram wrote:

> > The third thread is worn after the birth of a child.
>  In some discourse I have listened to by Sri Anantarama dikshidhar, he
> mentions that the third YagnOpavIta should be worn immediately after
> marriage as well, and for the following reason: the left shoulder of a
> grihastA should never be without a clothing at any time - since it is
> possible that the clothing one wear may sometimes not cover the upper torso
> of the grihasta, he must wear the third so that the shoulder is now covered
> at all times ...

Hari Om,

Yes, I also read the same explanation as given by Sri Vaidya Sundaram in some
book. The angavastra which men wear over their left shoulder is also called
" uttariiya ". Hence while wearing the third yagnOpavIta the person should do
aachamana and say " uttarIyArthE " and wear the third thread.

Now that Upaakarma festival is round the corner this aspect should be clarified
by a knowlegable person.

Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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