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pavitra.m charitra.m vichitra.m tvadiiya.m
      naraa ye smarantyanvaha.m raamachandra |
bhavanta.m bhavaanta.m bharanta.m bhajanto
      labhante kR^itaanta.m na pashyantyato.ante || 16

raamachandra : O shrii raamachandra
ye naraa : beings who
smaranti-anvaha.m : remember everyday
tvadiiya.m : Your
pavitra.m : Holy
charitra.m : deeds/story,
vichitra.m : which is full of wonders,
bhavanta.m : You,
bhavaanta.m : the destroyer of miseries of Samsaara,
bharanta.m :  support (N),
bhajantaH : who worship,
labhante : (They) obtain,
ante : at the time of Death,
na pashyanti : they do not see,
ataH : therefore,
kR^itaanta.m : Lord Yama.

O shrii raamachandra, those beings who constantly
remember Your Holy and wonderful deeds, obtain You,
who are the destroyer of the samsaara-miseries and the

Support of the Universe. As a result, during their
final moments, they do not have the fearsome
sight of Yama and his attendants.

When one is devoted to the Divine Pastimes of the
where will he/she have the time to think of such
trifles as Death ? The Lord takes care of His devotees
always. As He has promised all His devotees in the
giitaa (9:22) :
'ananyAshchintayanto mAM ye janAH paryupAsate |
 teshhAM nityAbhiyuktAnAM yogakshemaM vahAmyaham.h ||'

Corrections are welcome. I hope to finish this series
very soon.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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