Shravana masa starts tomorrow

S. V. Subrahmanian svs_shankara at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 2 20:40:19 CDT 2000

Shri Bhaskarji,

I refered to book on dakSiNa Andhra sampradAya yajur veda sandhyAvandanam
book.  Yes you are right.

yatha Sivamayor viSNu evam viSNumayah Sivaha

is the correct form.  Regarding whether it is a mantra or a stotra, the book
does not say anything about it.  But I noticed that whenever there was a
vedic mantra that was part of sandhyAvandanam, it was printed along with the
svarAs (up, down, elongated etc).  This verse does not have any svarAs,
hence no specific meter associated with it.  Hence my logical guess would be
that it is a stotra and not a vedic mantra.  It would be more like "AkASAth
pathitham thoyam....".

[I have also noticed that this seems to be only in Andhra that they say this
stotra.  Tamil brahmaNas don't seem to say this stotra]

That's all I can help.  Sorry.

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