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Dear members,

I just recently read a book titled "Freedom from Sadness" by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Now, I am not recommending this book as guide to solve all the problems of your life.  Nor am I presenting it as one of those ubiquitous psycho-therapy books.  I will highlight what I found interesting in this book.

1.   Here is a Vedanta-Acharya of good repute, looking through his years of wisdom and Vedantic knowledge at the different situations in life.  When one looks at how a Vedantin looks at life, one is left with the impression - Ah! is life that simple ?

2.  There are 2 stages to learning Vedanta : 
a) Knowledge of the scriptures:  Many (among seekers) get this part with the help of Acharya and good karma.
b) Integrating it with day to day life:  This is where many fail.  The author and the contents of the book are living examples of a person looking at life who has integrated his knowledge with vyavahAra.

3.  The solutions suggested (attitudinal changes) spring directly from the understanding of Vedanta in the right perspective.  There is no mysticism discussed.  Clear Vedantic thought/analysis alone that has been employed to understand the problems of life and hence solve them too.

4.  I am not recommending it as a guide-book, but only as an example of how Vedanta-darSana can help us in vyavahAra.

This book seems like a good synthesis of Vedanta-darSana and vyavahAra.  A small and simple book of just 60 pages.  May be good stuff for your flight-reading!!

S. V. Subrahmanian.
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