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Kamsa continues his wicked ways

Despite the sage words of Vasudeva, Kamsa did not stop and continued to
beat the innocent devaki.  Finally fearing that her life would end there
and then, Vasudeva made a desperate bargain.  "Kamsa, if you spare your
sisters life, I will hand over any children of ours to you."  Thinking he
had found a way around the divine prophecy, Kamsa relented.  Devaki, and
Vasudeva were thrown into prison.  Ugrasena and the other elders of the
Yadavas were too feeble and powerless to protest.  A year passed and
Devaki gave birth to a son named Kirtimana who Vasudeva with heavy heart
presented to Kamsa. The heartless tyrant laughed and said "you can keep
this one, he is no threat to me, it is your eigth son that I fear."  But
Vasudeva was suspicious of his intentions and soon those suspicions came
horribly true.  Once the Divine Rshi Narada came to the court and told
Kamsa that the Yadavas and the cowherds of Vraja were avatars of the
various Devas.  Kamsa being the avatar of the Asura Kalanemi became
paranoid at the thought of being in the midst of his peoples ancient
enemies.  Ugrasena joined Vasudeva and Devaki in prison.  Powerfule Asuras
like Pralamba, Baka, Chanura, trnavarta, Adha, ArishTa, PutanA, Keshi,
Dhenuka, Bana, Bhauma etc. were invited in and they began presecuting the
people until most had fled to neighboring countries.  The wrath of Kamsa
fellmost fiercly on the children of Devaki who were killed as soon as they
were born.  Six years passed and six sons were born and died this

The birth of Balaramaji[1]
When it came time for the birth of the seventh, Vishnu Bhagavan
said to his maya[2]  "Devi!  Go with haste to Vraja.  There you will find
Rohini and the other wives of Vasudeva[3] hiding in caves from fear of
Kamsa and his men. The child in Devakis womb is the avatara of my servant
Sheshanaga.  Place him in the womb of RohiNI and take his place.  You will
be killed by Kamsa but the world shall now you as the granter of progeny
and all wishes and Bhaktas who desire their wishes to be granted will do
your puja, incense, naivedya, and other offerings.  You are known as
Durga, Bhadrakali, Vijaya, Vaishnavi, Kumuda, Chandika, Krshnaa, Madhavi,
Kanyakumari, Maya, Narayani, Ishanai, Sharada, and Ambika.  All these
names and the places they are worshipped shall be yours.  Because the
child who is the avatar of Sheshanaga was taken from the womb, he shall be
known as Sankarshana.  As he gives joy he will be called Rama, and because
of his strength he will be called Baladeva.  Devi bowed and carried out
the plan.

[ be continued]

[1] This passage seems to suggest that Balarama was not an avatar of
Vishnu Bhagavan.  Other places in the Bhagavata do.

[2] Personified as a goddess.  In the Chandipatha as well we read that
this is a form of Adyashakti.  "yA devi sarvabhuteShu viShNumAyeti

[3] Vasudeva actually had seven wives.  Pauravi, Rohini, Bhadra, Madira,
Rocha, Ila, and Devaki the youngest.

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