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>>    namo rohitAya sthapataye vR^ixANAM pataye namaH || 9 ||
>>   Salutations to the red complexioned One (rohitAya), to the Lord,
>>   (sthapataye) and salutations to the protector of trees
>>   (vR^ixANAM pataye).
>Can you explain more on the name sthapati. I understand pati means
>lord.  What does stha mean here? One the meanings of stha is possibly
>unchangeable and shiva is called as sthaaNu. There is a temple in
>suchiindram (near kanyaakumari) has a deity which is a combination of
>shiva, vishnu and brahma. The name is sthaaNumaalayan (sthaaNu shiva,
>maal - vishhNu, ayan = brahma).

 BhaTTa-bhAskara mentions that sthapati can mean an architect, or
 a confectioner, one who sells sweets. He also analyzes the word
 sthapati as "sthAtA cha sarvatra pAtA cha sarvasya", meaning one
 who is everywhere and protects everyone.

 sthANu means fixed or motionless and is also one of the names of
 shiva (actually occurs in the shiva-aShTottara).


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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