Notes on Brahmasuutra-IIIa

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>  Coming back to adhyAsa and other important tenets of advaita,
>  the correct approach is that of the cow, as Swami Tejomayananda
>  explained in one of his lectures on the gItA. If you have seen
>  a cow consume its food, you will understand. It first eats as if in
>  a hurry but then it settles back and thoroughly masticates what it
>  has eaten. A similar approach is required for topics in advaita.
> Just
>  one reading and understanding is not enough. You have to keep
> revisiting
>  the topic again and again. Each time you revisit you get a better
>  insight (hopefully!).

This reminds me of shrii shubhanu saxenaji. He told the list that he
has memorized the entire adhyaasa bhaashhya and remembers/recites it
often. I wish as he promised he will soon find time to post his notes
on adhyaasa bhaashyam. That way it will be good treat to all of us.

BTW does anyone has a good copy of adhyaasa bhaashya (skt) which can be
sent to jaldhar for scanning and keeping it on our page. Better still
if someone can encode it for us and Sanskrit site.


Another important issue is "reader response". We have 125+ members only
10-15 write to the list and I think 50+ members never wrote anything at
all. If they come forward and ask more questions, many sides of the
text will be brought out. Of course this problem of non-participation
is not unique to our list, on the most lists I have see only 10% of the
members participate actively.

I take this opportunity to request all members to read this series, and
come forward with questions, comments, and clarifications.

Thank you.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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