Notes on Brahmasuutra-IIIa

K. Sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Thu Aug 31 05:47:04 CDT 2000

>Messers Sadanand and Anand Hudli,
>Since I find your posts on the Brahmasutra and Sri Rudram very good, may I
>have your permission to archive/copy them on the GHEN forum for the benefit
>of members there? In fact, I should have sought your permission earlier
>since I have already posted some messages there (with due acknowledgement of
>the source of course).
>Thanks in advance,

By all means.   It is meant for those who are interested.  Others if they
try to read it they will go to sleep in no time!

Hari Om!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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